Monday, 3 June 2013

~ simple but delicious to enjoy it :') ~

~ sweet n sour memory :') ~

~ what you think is not usually what can be happen :') ~

First, when having dinner in hotel, a lot of feeling in mind.Worried about money and time especially..!
As a student, have to paid more than 50 Ringgit is became burden student life. : /
So, try to think positive and kept calm, give myself feel enjoy to having dinner in hotel.
yeahh.. here we go..!
(^_^ )v

At 3.30 pm, Kamarul as a program director told us to gathered in the Depoh Bus
But as usual, all up at 4 pm. Looking my friends with make up and gorgeous clothing. 
After that, we take a bus Shamisha moved to Hotel Holiday Inn at Bukit Feringgi. Taking time to arrived almost one hour.

At 5 pm, we arrived at Hotel Holiday Inn
Feeling excited looking the hotel is so gorgeous, comfortable and awesome..! Then, we were welcomed and greeted by Mrs. Kartini, the Human Resource Excecutive and
Mr. Ezani, the Food and Beverages ( F&B ) Manager
After that, we sitting in hotel hall room to be given introduced the hotel background. 
The most attractived us is when Executive Chef Hotel Holiday Inn, Chef Zulkapli bin Hatim known as Chef Zul take part in the session with us.
 He introduce himself and give our motivation how to became a successful chef in culinary industry. 
And the most give me motivation when Chef Zul say that he only from diploma but he tried to up he skill to became executive chef before he age 29. 
But, he get the tittle executive chef when he age 28..! 

~ Proud with him :') ~

After taking almost 45 minutes there, we were given time to prayer before Chef Zul bring us to servey area of hotel like kitchen, dining area and beach area.
When Chef Zul showing us area of the kitchen, it's look clean, clear to in and out when taking food without interrupt other things and the most important it's safe for working.


In the kitchen also, Chef Zul give us to try Mango Lassi for each of us before having dinner. It's look so fresh when put in the mouth. Feel sweet and sour but suitable to open appetite. 
The color of mango lassi also attract us to try it.. :')

After finished around kitchen area, Chef Zul give us break almost 15 minute to enjoy sunset at the beach. 
When looking my friends enjoy this dinner trip, then, I feel that going dinner at Hotel Holiday Inn is not waste time and money, but it's time to we get close each other in the class and give us one sweet memory that cannot forget. 
Taking picture together and forget for a second about the assignment :')

~ Our Gorgeous Lecture (>.< )v ~

~ Beautiful area to walk :')~

~ Subhanaallah. Beatiful Sunset :') ~

Almost 7.30 pm, Chef Zul showing us the buffet line of appetizers, soup, main courses and also dessert. 

~ See. How elegant of dining area like this..? The lighting give we easy to feel hungry ~

Before having dinner, let's look at the environment of dining area Hotel Holiday Inn
It's look awesome..!
Feel like I'm are daughter of wealth people who having dinner in hotel like this.. ;')
hahaha.. only be fantasy (>.< )

~ Awesome..! Lighting play a big role for dining area ~

~ We can see on the table is not crowded. 
It's only having which one is important for guest use ~

Looking variety of food item having there. Feeling excited to tasted it..!
( >.< )

~ Types of Menu ~

About the appetizer, I choose Mix Green Salad dressing with 1000 Island with Asian Coleslaw, having it for appetizer is enough for me.
For Mix Green Salad, as usual only having salad dreesing with 1000 island is good for appetite before taking main course.
The dressing is okay, look nice and delicious when eating salad with it.

For Asian Coleslaw, it's having slice of cabbage, carrot, sultana, a lot of onion then
 mix together with dressing coleslaw. 
It's look simple but for me, eating it with the juices of vegetable that mix with dressing can give you feel like you eat burger.
 hee.. I don't know why I think like that when eating coleslaw..:')

I don't taking soup because Indian Traditional Tomato Soup having tomato inside it, 
and I don't like tomato. 
 hee.. so I can't explain more about soup (>.< ) but mostly my friends say that the soup is sour with orange colored of it but haven't seing any tomato inside the soup.
 It taste can changes when taking it with slice of bread.
May be next time I must try it..right.?

So, after appetizer, I taking main course that is Crispy Chicken with Mango Kerabu 
and Gratin Potato.
Many main course look delicious but when thinking that I don't eat sea food and spicy food, I just taking this two item of main course. 
After finished my main course, my friend ask me that why I don't take Briyani Rice..?? Feel want to cry because I think there not having rice in buffet..
But, I dont want to taking main courses again so I taking dessert. 

When eating crispy chicken, you can feel how the chicken be marinade
 for a few minute before deep fried it. 
Juicy inside the chicken when mix the mango kerabu give variety of 
tasted like sweet, spicy and sour.
Variety ingredient of mango kerabu like mango, chilli, shallot and so on is so delicious.
If eating it with briyani rice may be can tasted very awesome..! 
:') I love this combination of food.

Like this because I like to eat potato :'). 
When see what types of main course having there the first main course I take this one. 
When eat gratin potato you can feel how softnest the texture of potato. 
Bake it with creamy and some of herbs is suitable for me, give you tasted creamy of potato.
First taking this then you must want again and again :')
Don't believed it..??
Then, you must try it in Hotel Holiday Inn Penang.. :')

~ How I can forget that Briyani Rice is nearest the soup..? :'( ~

First dessert that I try is Bubur Jagung. It's not too sweet, clear soup and having corn and sagu mata ikan. For me, it suitable to taking after having main course.

Then, taking for Banana & Apple Crumble with Vanilla Sauce
When eat it, banana & apple crumble still hot so I can feel the crunchy of crumble and the sweetness of banana, feeling awesome when having delicious dessert at the night in the hotel, nearest the beach. 

  After that, I try to eat Creme Crulee Chocolate Mousse
When put in mouth, ' urmmmm.. yummy.! ' cream chocolate melt in mouth. 
One impression when eating dessert especially chocolate it's can give you release tension and feel calm from thinking nonsense think. 
It's not too sweetness and having a little bit of bitter. 
The texture is soft and delicious to eat and let it melt itself in the mouth.

 The last dessert that I take is Ice-Cream with Condiments like variety of color rice.
There are types of ice-cream that is Chocolate Ice-Cream, Vanilla Ice-Cream and Strawbery Ice-Cream.
Eating Ice-Cream at the last part of meal can give you enjoy you dinner.
Slowly fed the ice-cream until it melt in our mouth can give you feeling like you are still child...!

 Then, after having dinner in Hotel Holiday Inn, half day spend time eating experiences is not disappointing me at all. What I paid for more than 50 Ringgit is nothing than experiences that I having there.
The welcomed, the services and the food is enough for me. 
Furthermore, I get what I want that is get Chef Zul motivation. 
Proud to be see and get he advice of culinary industry. 
Now, what I must to do is up my skill, and may be one day I will be like Chef Zul ( ^_^ ).

~ if we try the best nothing inposible can be happen ~

~ Thank You Allah :') ~

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